Recommended Reading List


The Southeastern IndianCharles Hudson, U of Tennessee Press, 1987

1491.  Charles C. Mann, Vintage Books, 2005

1493. Charles C. Mann, Alfred A. Knopf, 2011

Georgia’s Indian Heritage. Max E. White, W.H.Wolf, 1988

Skull Wars.  David Hurst Thomas, Basic Books, 2000

Red Earth, White Lies.  Vine Deloria, Jr., Fulcrum Press, 1997

God Is Red.  Vine Deloria, Jr., Fulcrum Press, 1973

Custer Died for Your Sins.  Vine Deloria, Jr., U of Oklahoma Press, 1969

The World We Used to Live In.  Vine Deloria, Jr., Fulcrum Press, 2006

Spirit & Reason: The Vine Deloria Reader.  Fulcrum Press, 1999

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.  Dee Brown, Owl Books, 1970

Trail of Tears.  John Ehle, Anchor Books, 1988

A Century of Dishonor.  Helen Jackson, Indian Head Books, 1994

Genocide of the Mind.  Edited by MariJo Moore, Nations Books, 2003

Chippewa Customs.  Frances Dinsmore, Minn. Historical Society, 1929

Teton Sioux Music & Customs.  Frances Dinsmore, Bison Books, 1992

Walleye Wars.  Larry Nesper, U of Nebraska Press, 2002

Black Elk Speaks.  John G. Neihardt, Excelsior Editions, 2008

Guns, Germs, and Steel.. Jared Diamond, W. W. Norton & Co. 1997

Mayflower.  Nathaniel Philbrick, Viking Press, 2006

Soul of an Indian,  Ohiyesa, Ed. Kent Nerburn, New World Library, 1993

Blood Struggle, Charles Wilkinson, W. W, Norton, 2005

The History of the American Indian, James Adair, Ed. by Kathyrn E. Holland Braund, Univ. of Alabama Press, 2005

Cherokee Tragedy, Thurman Wilkins, Univ. of Oklahoma Press, 1986.

Deerskins & Duffles, Kathryn E. Holland Braund, Univ. of Nebraska Press, 1993

Mcintosh & Weatherford, Benjamin W. Griffith, Jr., Univ. of Alabama Press, 1988

A New Order of Things, Property, Power & the Transformation of The Creek Indians, 1733-1816, Claudio Saunt, Cambridge Univ. Press, 1999

Indian Givers, Jack Weatherford, First Three Rivers Press, 2010

The Indian Slave Trade, Alan Gallay, Yale Univ. Press, 2002